Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Have been wanting to scrapbook but seem to be chained to my desk making cards for the moment, such hardship!  I need to use up some of the nice papers I have to I can buy more.  I am only on page 7 of my son's scrapbook, he is now 2 so a little behind! 

Bank Holiday weekend coming up and no work for a week so will be uploading my card and  scrabooking images to share then actually getting on with some!  

It's my Father in law's birthday on Thursday and as usual making a heap of cards for him as well as his card!  Made a pouch card for his Arsenal tickets as well so nearly done!  I think he only buys my birthday card now and he always chooses something kinda handmade ish!  Bless him.  Not going out to celebrate now as chickenpox has spread from big one to lil one, might take his fav fish n chips round for him even though I'm a veggie!

Back to the real world.  Gotta be up @ 6am for work but hurrah Wednesday is my Friday!

Back with pictures soon.....

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