Thursday, 18 February 2016

Catch up...

Well this week I did all my paperwork while the kids are on half term driving me barmy!  There was no point trying to make with anything with those lively twosome about!  Yesterday morning was spent trying to recall how to use excel after not using it for over a year!  It was all done in a few hours so a previous office job was good for future challenges!

My last fair I finally had a great looking stand, not just cards in big plastic really useful boxes and it made a huge difference.  People were more into looking through the cards so the stand was a wise investment.

I had a basket of valentines cards, the card stand and some framed pictures I decided to make a few days before the sale! They are going to try an evening fair as well and see how trade is for that before they decide if it will be a regular one.  I'm also waiting to hear back on a sale held in a village hall every month and waiting to confirm dates on a couple more fairs so it's all looking good!

I have started to apply for design team calls for all the companies I love so will let you all know on that one!

And finally the magazine I sent a card into, I made it in print! It meant so much they liked my work, it means I made the right decision to go it alone and make by hobby into my career. Lucky me!  It was Quickcards Made Easy Issue 149.

The original card looked like this, so although I posted in a pizza style box it did get a little squashed in the post!

Now working on Mother's Day and Easter cards so will pop those up next!
Happy Crafting!

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