Sunday, 8 June 2014

Alice In Wonderland...

This is a project I've been working on for months on and off.  I had to order lots of bits and pieces and do a huge amount of painting and colouring so that is why it has been in the planning for a while!  If anyone wants to know where any of it came from please comment on the post!

It was made for a special friend who loves Disney and as she had a Mad Hatters Tea Party for her 18th thought this was quite apt for a 21st pressie!

I started off with a Tim Holtz Idea-ology book...

and ended up with this...

I found an Alice book falling apart at a May Day Fete and as it was so tatty and only 50p I didn't feel so bad ripping it up!

Sneak peak of inside...

The distressed paint was really easy to do thanks to a tip by Ali Reeve.  I painted the whole thing with red acrylic paint then with a scourer dragged some black acrylic paint over the top. It was so quick and easy!  I was going to cover so you would have only seen the edges but it turned out so good I wanted it to be seen.

The Inside...


 A necklace that can be removed.

A keyring that can be removed


The mad hatter and cheshire cat were my favorites to colour!




And yes, she did cry when she opened this.  Made all the hours worth while!

Happy 21st Birthday Chloe


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