Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Going digital...

My first play with Seriff Craft Artist 2!

I've been busy but managed to design these in between doing other things but I need to sit and watch some demo's to see what it can really do!

Thought I'd try Scrapbooking as well just to see what I thought of it...Looks great, but would like to print it out separately and make it up like a normal page!  Traditional scrapbooking is still my preferred way although it's definitely not as quick!  But as the design of the page is usually what takes the time I have already planned it here ready for when I want (well get time really!) to scrapbook.  For anyone who is stuck on time but wants to sort out their photo's it's great and realistically I did only spend a total of about an hour making all these in total so it's easy to use.

I have a few people who want to sell my cards but I have not had the time to sit and hand make them.  This software means I can!  


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